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Apr 30, 2020

Pete Hitzeman makes his second visit to The Gravel Lot, and we rewind the tape to cover all those juicy background stories we missed the first time around. We also dive into The B Line, his new editorial column for TGL, and what we hope to bring to cycling media, cyclists, and the future of the show.

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Apr 23, 2020

Mehdi Farsi joins us this week from Tempe, Arizona to talk about his circuitous path towards founding State Bicycle Company with his brother Reza. The hustle that these two have within them is incredible, and the other businesses they started may inspire you with creativity during this difficult time.

State Bicycle...

Apr 16, 2020

The entire planet is on pause, bike races are postponed or cancelled, and group rides are on hold, so we decided to talk about what this means both now, and for the future of this thing we love called cycling.

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Apr 9, 2020

Another local hero joins us today: Otto Bohn came to cycling after multiple other sports and shares his blueprint for how local bike shops can take their game to the next level and *gasp... it includes more than just bikes.

Spoken Bicycles

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Apr 2, 2020

Our show was built on local stories: This week's episode takes us back to that. He is a local police officer, dad, and perennial NUE front runner and superhero, Eli Orth. We talk about his lifelong love of bikes, getting rad, and reframing what competition means.

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