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Jul 29, 2021

Mehdi Farsi joins us for his second visit to The Gravel Lot, roughly 13 months since his first visit. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then. We talk through how the pandemic has changed the bike industry, what State Bicycle Co. has done to adapt, and pick Mehdi's brain about what the future looks like for...

Jul 22, 2021

Craig Dalton may be most well known for his Gravel Ride Podcast successes, but his story contains a lot more than just podcasting success. We delve into his story around bikes, his professional development, and what he has in the works that may just help you in the future...

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Jul 15, 2021

John Stamstad is quite possibly one of the most legendary endurance athletes in the history of the human race. His list of accomplishments is without comparison, and his continuing drive to find adventure is without peer. This week, we dig into his motivations, and what makes him tick.

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Jul 8, 2021

Even by her own account, Marley Blonsky does not consider herself a cyclist, and that just may be the perfect mindset for her to actually change the world. Her "All bodies on bikes" movement applies to all of us, so this week we let her tell her story and we talk about what her past, present, and future look like.

Jul 1, 2021

Corey Coogan Cisek has been successful at a lot of things in her life: Skiing, writing, coaching, and of course cyclocross racing. But her best wins are still in front of her. She shares her story, talks about her path, and gives us some insights into what her future looks like on this week's episode.

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